Images of different sizes for Elegance theme
  • Hi there,

    I have images of different sizes with some being portait while most are landscape.
    Will the thumbnails on the home page show the portait images the same as the landscape, or will there be cropping to accomodate the orientation? Also, will the image be reduced to show the whole image within the thumbnail or will it be centred and cropped? Hopefully you know what I mean, as currently (on another site's theme) I have to place all my images within a specifcally sized box to enable the thumbnail to show it correctly on my site. If I try to post a portait style image, there is white or black space either side of it and the image is normal size (as in huge) and cropped badly, and if I post a landscape image that is a different size to the others, the whole thumbnail grid goes screwy. I'm not happy with it and I really like your theme, for which I'd be happy to purchase if it can solve my problems.

    Kind regards


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